Full Stack Project Ideas


I’m a HS CS teacher. Would like to expose my advanced students to a full stack project. Is there a replit project that would do so? Something that we can simulate front end communicating the back end.

thx in advance.

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Hey, @coynerm welcome to the forums!

You can have your students fetch data from an API store it in a db then render stuff based on the stuff in the db.

That would be perfect, is there a project template on replit to get started with or can you suggest w/ type of replit would be necessary to do so?


I dont think there is an official one but there might be an unofficial one by a member of the community. I can’t help you more than that since I only do front-end web dev.

Do you know if any of the repl’s simulate a server environment? ie the SQL replit

Replit has these offical template:

The Python template might help depending on the back-end language your students use.

A classic project for learning fullstack dev is a making a blog.

any repl suggestions to get started w/ creating a blog? The only thing I found was the Static blog w/ Nix

Why do you want a template? Surely you’d be teaching your students how to make something rather than them just reading through an existing one?

I need a template so that I can first work through it BEFORE the students, that way when they have questions I’m able to assist. A template will expedite my learning curve

Heya! welcome to the forums! I could help to make a template for the fullstack project. Just tell me what you need.

To be honest I’m not sure…something relatable to HS aged students is only requirement I have in mind. My students have experience w/ html/css, python and java, though not against learning a new language if need be. Goal is to expose my advanced students to a full stack environment project. That’s why I’m on here, trying to get an ideal that is reasonable in terms of scale and complexity…appreciate your willingness to provide assistance. Open to any ideas you have…Cheers.

they can learn node.js for backend projects.

That should be helpful