Full screen mode

i want full screen mode on replit

it help me to view my web page well fully

i am trying to view myweb page

Hi @AnkushRaj13, welcome to the forums!

You can have full screen mode on any website. Just press F11

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He/She/They/Him/Her probably meant inside the Repl view

And what is that supposed to mean? I said any website. That includes the Repl workspace. Are you saying OP means the cover page? Well they specified webpage so they can just open in a new tab.

oh… i didn’t read the post so I had no idea if they meant that

Hey, @AnkushRaj13. Welcome to Ask. This probably should go in #help but idk

You can press

Check out the highlighted area in the picture.

and you will see your webpage, and it will be full-screened, instead of a small window. If that is not what you are asking for, please post in Replit Ask.

Edit: for now I changed the category the topic’s in. If it doesn’t suit what you’re looking for, please tell me.


Not what i am looking for there is like a URL change to view fullscreen like as a viewer not a developer.

Hey @GETTINGOVERSCHOOL welcome to the forums!

You can use this URL → https://replit.com/@(user-name)/(repl-name)?v=1&outputonly=1&lite=true (make sure to replace the things in parenthesis to the actual info). I hope this helps!