Frontend d. Or web3?

I am confused what should I choose right now learning a frontend dev. Or I focus on web 3 ?
I want to do something that help me in freelancing also after learning it. I am first year student right now.


frontend dev seems like the more robust and fun option


@UMARismyname, Have you ever tried web3? I want to hear more about web3 from someone who has tried it. Becasue though frotend is suitable for freelancing, web3 sounds to have more options.


I want to add add that Web 3 is simply a marketing buzzword used to generalize decentralized, usually blockchain based applications. You don’t “learn” Web 3. You learn about the underlying technologies such as distributed computing and blockchains which require extensive knowledge about computer science fundamentals. If you just wanna mess around, you can learn Solidity which is the language used to program smart contracts on the Ethereum Virtual Machine. But I would suggest you learn about CS basics like data structures and algorithms before delving deeper into the rabbit hole that is Web 3.
Good luck!


Oh, that makes sense. I had completely wrong idea of what web3 was.

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