FREE Python Code

I’m bored and I don’t know what to build with Python so here goes nothing:
I’m giving out FREE Python Code*!!!

I’m not giving code for RPGs though since I can’t make them


here’s an object constructor for you, here’s an object constructor for you, here’s an object constr-nah I’ll just give you a print statement


thanks, GhostWriterSnakeyKing.
How should I process your payment, in functions or classes?

Asynchronously as well?

Did you read the title!? (if not the title is “FREE Python Code”)

sry, I just wanted to give a donation to a charitable cause

:sob: WHY!?!? :sob:
No I’m NOT Asynchronously

You owe me $100

nuh uh:

proof right there (cryptographically signed with markdown)

Oh ok just press this button

Sounds true to me :smirk:

lol my sid.cookie got stolen lol

We’re getting OFF-TOPIC

@python660 Did you flag me??

ok, here’s code:


lol no what did you do anyways?

No I meant I give you code

It’s a memory of mine that didn’t get wiped after the downfall of the SnakeyKing theocracy

:rage: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

How do you add edit notes?