Free Private Repl

Please, allow having free private Repl (like in GitHub) :pray:t2:

Replit needs to do some profit, the hosting, storage, the domain, the server and other things that replit need are not free.


That’s a pity :frowning: , but it’s comprehensible.

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You would need hacker or cycles, noramally reps host hackathons, and you can win hacker plan codes!

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Or cycles that you can use for private repls.

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You can use an Education Institution if you are a school, it’s free.

Cool! I’ll be trying these options, thanks for your answers

I mean they could give like 1 or 2 free private Repl’s yk?

That was requested in this other feature request.


yes. they should let you have 1-2 private and 1-2 boosted repls for like “showcase”

If you agree, then vote this feature request.

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