Found a bug in while working

Problem description:
Even if I have put the correct code for html why am I not able to get the answer?

Expected behavior:
I expected that this would work fine and I would get my answer.

Actual behavior:
It is just n just showing me a clear screen.

Steps to reproduce:
I tried every single thing but nothing worked on it.

Bug appears at this link:

I have a macbook pro and I worked on this yesterday too and it worked fine.

Hey @AaravAnand4! Welcome to the community!

The website loads up and works for me. You can try a cache refresh by pressing Shift + Ctrl + R on your keyboard and see if that fixes the issue.

Hope this helps!

I didn’t know that. Ctrl + F5 works on Chrome and Firefox (and probably others).

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That works too. However, F# aren’t avaliable on some devices. So it is better to use my button combination.