Forwarding local port 58303 to external port 1104

I have same problems, some times work, but usually I have that kind of error:

forwarding local port 58303 to external port 1104

Networking setup is → :80
There are some solutions???

PD: Sorry in my case is redeploy and deploy problems

Hi @nelsongil !
Could you send the link to your repl, and the deployment method you are using?

Hi I think you ask for domain?

Deployment method is Autoscale with 1 CPU 2GiB, max machine 3

Im using Flet with python and SQLite3

Your repl seems to be private. Could you make it public?
If you don’t want to, could you share the port your app is running?

Yes it is private, sorry. Anyway the app is not running, because I tried stopping it to see if it was a problem with the port of the running app. I had closed an agreement with a company to test the app, but if I can’t even run it, I can’t tell them that I can’t make a modification to the app because the server I’m paying for doesn’t allow me to redeploy.
I apologize for answering this, but I am very disappointed because the communication with Replit support before hiring them was super fluid, where they guaranteed me that for €120 I would be able to do the projects in Flet and that I could use the databases of Replit. I replied and after paying they didn’t answer anymore (I wrote to them twice).
I appreciate your help, but from what I’ve seen it seems that I have to use a VM, that is, pay more to be able to continue working.

In the end there is no solution unless it is public, I know that my code is not important, but having to share my project publicly to receive help does not seem to protect my privacy much.
Today, after many attempts, the Deploy has been done again and it is working!, but of course on mobile phones the buttons now do nothing, but they do in the PC browser. My experience is that it is a very unstable system and without support (except for the community) from the Replit team

@nelsongil I only see that you submitted one ticket #10113 to our Support Team on March 22nd. This was for an issue in your app failing to promote. We requested more information but received no further response.

It sounds like your issue is now resolved, but as a Core member, you’re welcome to contact Support at any time to assist with your private Repls. We also have a team here that you can setup live troubleshooting meetings with if you get stuck on deploying:


Thanks for your response Suzy, I was looking for a way to see the ticket you mention, but I can’t find a way to get to my ticktets. I would appreciate it if you could tell me how to do it.
Anyway, I found a solution to the deploy problem. Before, I didn’t configure any ports, but suddenly it started giving me problems when deploying the ports. What I did was add a specific port to the project:

flet_port = int(os.getenv("FLET_PORT", "3003")), assets_dir="assets", port=flet_port, view=ft.AppView.WEB_BROWSER)

and then in networking I told it to use the internal port 3003 and the external port 80. With this it makes the deploy without problems, BUT this app has a login window and on mobile phones (chrome) it does not show the button to do the login, but it does nothing, on PC it works. Which I don’t understand why.

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@nelsongil I’m glad to hear the deployment issues are resolved and thanks for sharing the solution.

For the ticket management question, yes, I can help answer that. We do not have a support portal yet, but opening tickets should always go to the email address you used to contact us.

Depending on how you contact us, this will be the email address associated with your Replit account (if contacting us in-product from the “Get Help” menu – which is recommended) or via the email from which you sent the ticket if you emailed us directly.

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