Forums glitched and ate my bug report, so i'm making this one about it

Problem description:
Forums glitched and ate my bug report, so i’m making this one about it
Link of Eaten Post: WebView Breaking my Server for no reason!

Expected behavior and Actual behavior:
I expected the post to send with the 2 auto filled links and the link of a image of the situation. And it says only 2 links where allowed! Well one of them was a image, so I went “what if I say this link is a image”, and it accepted the post! And then within a few seconds the post vanished, saying “a error has occurred”

Steps to reproduce:
go to eny project in editor, and click on help and choose report bug, or report just here.
and provide 3 links and make one of the links a image and submit

Bug appears at this link:


This is not a bug. This is a restriction put on new users to prevent spam. After 24 hours and 1 min AND you are TL1 these restrictions will not apply to you anymore


strange cause i’m not a new user tho
i’ve just never used the forums at all

You also need to be atleast tl1 but you are tl0

You should read this it explain why and what you can do as well as how to progress to be able to do more