Forum pages need a link to main site ""

There are countless forums out there and many are actually a companion site to some actual product.

Unfortunately, most forum developers forgot this truth and thus one finds no quick way to open the main product site. Alas, this forum is also one of them.

Especially while working in full-screen mode, opening “” is painful; lots of clicks and/or strokes.

We could instead have a simple link or a button to go back to the main site with just a swift mouse move to the top and a single click on that button, or maybe a right click and “open in new tab”. this will surely be faster than finding the link in a favorites bar which has many other links causing a distraction for the eye.

I am sure you all would prefer to stay on the page and not go back to the browser windows to search for a link to click. it is human psychology. we are easily distracted while our eyes search for something.

Anyways, in short, please add a link (preferably at the top) to the main “” with a shape of your choice.


Really? Ctrl + T to open a new tab then I click on a keyboard shortcut. I also usually have a Replit tab open so Ctrl + 3 works too.

But yeah, I guess they could put a link to mainsite next to the Community Standards link, or add a sidebar section.


Did you notice what you did? You first reached to the keyboard, stretch your fingers while putting stress on the pinky to press “ctrl+T” or “ctrl+3”, then possibly more strokes :slight_smile:

But really, jokes aside, this forum is not a standalone one and is a companion to the main one.


Im fine with adding this to the top nav bar. @IanAtCSTeach what do you think?


Sounds like a great idea @yilmazdurmaz , consider it added!


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