Formatting button doesn't appear

Problem description:
In Java repls, there is a formatting button that is supposed to allow users to reformat/reindent. Most of the times it is visible, but not always. Sometimes when I first open a repl it isn’t open, and then after several seconds it does appear. Other times, nada.

Expected behavior:
I expect this button to always be visible

Actual behavior:
Most of the time it is – but when I need it, it isn’t :grinning:

Steps to reproduce:
Open a replit, look for the button, don’t see it

Bug appears at this link:
Any Java based repl


Safari Version 16.3 (18614. / Ventura 13.2.1 / Mac desktop

This happens on non-java Repls too. Try Ctrl + S


Thanks QwertyQwerty54, that solves my problem. I just wish that little button’d stay there permanently …


Not 100% sure if this is a language specific issue, but I noticed recently (I’m an explorer so this change might not affect everyone) the format code button has moved to be next to the file name in the actual tab, not at the top right of the tab.



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