Formatting being lost when pasting from replit to Keynote

Hi, All:
When I use VSC, I can copy the code and paste it into Keynote and the formatting is preserved. When I try and do the same with, the formatting is lost. Right now I’m having to paste from replit to VSC to Keynote, and I’d like to save a step. Any ideas how?

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Hey @mprogers!

We use CodeMirror as our editor, which is built differently from VSCode’s editor, Monaco. Syntax highlighting won’t be included in CodeMirror due to the differences in it’s structure. Our hands are tied on this issue as there isn’t anything we can do regarding how CodeMirror works or how the text is copied.

I apologize for the inconvenience!


Thanks, Shane. No need to apologize, I am pretty sure that when replit was being designed, nobody was thinking of pasting code into Keynote :grinning:


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