Forks in education

When students fork a public repl, they can see each other’s forks. is there a way to prevent this? In other words, I want each student to fork my repl but I do not want them to see each other’s forks.

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There is not a way to avoid your students from seeing each other’s forks.

Unless your students set their repls as private (using Hacker plan or Cycles), they will always be able to see other forks of the origin repl.

One clarification - if my repl is private, can I share it with students who can then fork it to create their own private repls?

I don’t know about education, but for private repls, I’ve found one can, if has they have the ability to create private repls, be invited to a repl, and fork it, making it private. That is to say, I think you can (if they have the ability to create private repls), hope it helps :smiley:

Why dont you just use Teams for EDU and make a project and assign it to them?

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Budget issues per usual :cry:
Wait is it no cost now? :dancing_women:

Yea it has been free (for education institutions) for about a year iirc.

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Could you help with one other thing? I’m trying to create a new organization and am getting an organization limit reached error. I created an org but wanted to rename it so I deleted it. Could you reset my limit? I always gotta make my job harder :frowning:

I cant. You would need to contact support

ok will do. Thank you.