Forking Updates Environment, leads to ModuleNotFoundError: no module named django


Since mid last week (probably April 14) I am having problems running any django projects forked from my instructor. Can’t find a solution and not getting responses on my end. I am in need of help, quickly.

I forked a code from my instructor’s project. The project, uploaded in 2021, runs at the following link. (project link - )

After forking, I get screen saying, “we are updating your replit to the newest environment.”

On my end, the project will not run. The console states there is a ModuleNotFoundError: no module named django. The package is installed, though. (see attached pictures.)

( link to my project - )

It contains replit.nix config files, in addition to many other changes. I can only

Please help.

(For whatever reason the screenshot is failing to upload.)

Hey @KHorrigan! Welcome to the community!

You may want to install the package manually using pip like so:

$ pip install django

i’m not that familiar with Python packages though, so someone else may come along with a better solution.
But if the method above worked for you, please mark it as solution so that we can close this post, thank you.

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That seemed to work. Thank you very much!

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