Forking Team Projects

(From an earlier thread)

Forking from a TFE project doesn’t work (little pink error box that says to check out pricing). This is probably an issue with TFE projects getting designated as ‘private repls’ in effect, since they have different kinds of permissions than normal repls. Still, seems very weird to have a non-working ‘fork’ button in the UI, when there’s a perfectly good “Copy Project” button back on the team home page, which is basically what I want in that spot in the UI anyways.

Can you tell me more about what you’re trying to do by forking a Team Project?

As a teacher, I mostly want the button to do the same thing that the ‘Copy Project’ button from the team home page.

Students also want to be able to share projects, so having the fork button / invite buttons work in some way would be nice. I assume that they are off as a cheating-prevention thing. I get that some schools have those needs, but collaboration / working together is part of our model (and imo, closer to the entire ~vibe~ of replit), so it’d be great if there was a way to toggle those features back on. I know we can create group projects, and that sort of works for a piece of it, but it comes with a bunch of logistics baggage that seems conceptually different from “allow students to share an invite link to their code”.

Once again, I’m mixing two ideas into one topic, but at least they are both loosely “forking team projects” related

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