Forking replitz

Problem description:

Does not work
Expected behavior:
When i try to fork a replit it saids this
This repository possibly violates our Terms of Service. Contact support if you believe this is a mistake

Not a bug, the repl breaks the rules.


What you say is very confusing, first, do you mean forking a “repl”? Which is a replit project, but your error says you are trying to import a repo from GitHub. Can you please clarify?

I agree with MrVoo1. It sounds like the Repl you are trying to fork violates the Replit Terms of Service. If this is the case, I suggest you stop tying to fork it. You don’t want a Repl that violates the ToS in your account.

I have this issue with my repo. gives this error about ToS violation.

Even though I have my official Repl of this repo and it has no problems with ToS.

What can be done in such case?

Fork it instead of importing from GitHub @rdavydov.

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Please send me the link to the repl you’re trying to fork. We lock malicious Repls that violate Replit’s Terms of Service and prevent them from being forked.

But I want to solve the problem with importing. My repo GitHub - rdavydov/Twitch-Channel-Points-Miner-v2: A simple script that will watch a stream for you and earn the channel points. is flagged malicious by mistake. @ReplitIronclad please help and unflag my repo.

It’s probably against tos as it does something on another website which is probably not allowed by the website:
Section 4:12:

Use the Service to attack or tamper with other websites, services, and individuals;

Probably that counts as tampering with another website, but i’m not great with this kinda stuff, so idk. @bigminiboss is pretty good with TOS stuff, you could ask him.


Repls like these do in fact violate ToS. Like @MiloCat said, it is tampering with a third-party website.

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