Forked Repls disappearing and showing no content

Problem description: I forked all the repls from Code With Harry 100 days of python from youtube but only 40 to 50 of them are appearing in my replit. Again those which are appearing after forking don’t have the contents.

Expected behavior:
The forked repls should have their content

Actual behavior:
Forked repls are showing empty. The old forked repls have disppeared and the latest forked repls that are visible from 70 to 100 are appearing empty. I tried deleting and forking repl 14 again and it is again showing empty.

Steps to reproduce:
Go to Code With Harry channel and go to Playlists, and select 100 days of Python playlist. Its the latest python playlist and start clicking on each video and open description, click repl link and fork all 100 repls, 60 to 70. Also tried

Bug appears at this link:


Android OS - POCO M4 Pro/ On app and in browser Chrome

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