Fork goes back to previous version

Problem description:
When I fork this template, it goes back too a previous version of the template
So basically when I fork it changes to and changes to They were called that, but not anymore.

Expected behavior:
When I fork it, I fork the current version of the template

Actual behavior:
When I fork it, my fork goes backtoaversion it had benn

Steps to reproduce:

  1. fork repl

Bug appears at this link:

Edge/Windows/My Dad’s Computer

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I think we forgot to save the template :laughing:

Though, I am still experiencing issues with the template. We can continue the discussion on that issue here, as the other topic had already been solved.


@bobastley It got fixed :smiley:

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@not-ethan Sorry for pinging you, can you close this topic?

Please don’t ping Ethan.

You can ping me if you need a topic closed or unlisted or smt