Forever Loops in Python

How do you do your forever loops?

1. while True
while True:
    # You're boring.
2. while 1
while 1:
    # You want to be unique, but don't want to complicate things too much.
3. while not False
while not False:
    # People should start using this, lol.
4. while "you have no life"
while "you have no life":
    # You really don't, though. Unless you're EarthRulerr, he has a life somehow.
5. while not not not not not not not not not not True
while not not not not not not not not not not True:
    #  That's 10 `not`s btw.
6. ඞ
ඞ = True

while ඞ:
    # ඞ

I felt like MVPerry writing those comments, lmao.

Forever Loops in Python
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here’s some stuff I missed:

function recursion
def forever():
    # some code
true = False
false = True

while false:
    # what

Who is that? Is it a famous person?


Someone I’m too normal to know

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Anyone who doesn’t use while True hates runtime efficiency >:[


Cannot agree more. While true forever!

I’m not like the other programmers, Infact, I touch grass every day for 6 hours at least :sunglasses:

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YouTube person I used to watch

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In C++ :sunglasses:

int loop = 1;

Noooo!! The indentation!


hahaha I don’t need to follow syntax nor indents out of editor :slight_smile:

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NOOOO you don’t need the ඞ = True

yeah, I could use a string, but while ඞ > while 'ඞ'

Ok, if we want to have fun on weird ways to do it …

def never_ending_loop():
        while True:
    except KeyboardInterrupt:

Oh yeah, I should have included recursion

Even worse I included catching ctrl-c :slight_smile:

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I use while True except when I’m going for smallest code possible and then I use while 1.

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Imagin having no option 6 in the poll

cursed version: for(;;) (I know not python but lol)
we don’t talk about this one:

def lol():
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That won’t work, as I think python has a recursion limit.


it does lol yeah XD I forgot