Folder Organization?

Nearly the entire time I’ve used replit, I have had a folder structure to organize my files. I was just wondering if anyone else uses a folder structure to organize their files.

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I kind of use folders. I have some but it takes so long to organize Repls because you can only select one at a time and you can’t automate it. I gave up on it. I wish the file organizer was nicer, perhaps comparable to Google Drive. It will never compare to a desktop version (I’ve never seen a web file organizer that did), but it would be better than nothing.

I always organized them from the start so I dont have to worry about that :person_shrugging:

I rarely do it, as I mostly use the mobile app, and you can’t do it there.

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I do the folder thing for my repls when I’m trying to look professional

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my google drive is all kinds of a mess I wish I had it organized like this XD

I use folders a little, I think it’d be better if the folders displayed more like files do :man_shrugging:

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I do. I have a folder per language.