Flutter development using replit?

I was curious whether it’s possible to do Flutter development using replit. Has anyone attempted this? I see someone suggested adding pkgs.flutter inside of the replit.nix file to make it work. has any one tried it and have been successful?

I haven’t. Are you not able to just install Android Studio + Dart + Flutter on your machine?

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do you mean, install Android Studio, Dart/Flutter on Replit SSH machine? I can try doing so if ssh allows and it’s the repl.it way to go forward? I’m not sure, I am newbie here. can you please suggest.

No, boston was suggesting that you don’t use Replit at all. Replit was not made for mobile app development (I believe that is what Flutter is for).


Thanks for your response. I do Flutter development on my machine and remote linux machines all the time. that’s not what I need. I was hoping to use repl.it to do so with out depending on any other machine so that I don’t need to rent or buy new machines and can do development on remote IDEs like repl.it. I think, I am better off renting a Linux machine for remote development instead of repl.it.


Yeah and Repl resources are kind of limited.