Flask not found after nix update

Problem description:

  • Repl not working after upgrading to nix.

  • Installed module flask, error: module not foundon run

  • Unable to uninstall and reinstall module, error: replit operation error

Trying to install via shell, pip install flask

An error occurred during configuration: option use-feature: 
invalid choice: 'content-addressable-pool' 
(choose from '2020-resolver', 'fast-deps', 'in-tree-build')

Expected behavior:

  • Repl that was working perfectly runs in new environment as is.

  • Since all dependencies are installed as per package manager installed list.

You can’t use sudo in a Repl, just use pip install flask.

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I pasted the wrong error message, please see now.

Hm, can you send a link to your REpl?

Hey @engagepy!

We have seen a few of these issues before. Following these steps should fix it, but please let me know if they don’t:


OP Messaged me with the solution

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