Flask Application Load

I have a flask application that I would like to deploy, with the intention of being used by ~200-500 users at a time, where each use adds an entry to a Repl.it database (The application is a survey, storing results in the database)

However, I am new to this, and am not sure what I would need to do, to ensure that my application can be used at this level of load, without large latency issues or errors. Would I need to choose the right WSGI hosting options? Purchase a Repl.it plan with enough CPU/RAM? or perhaps someting else entirely?

Hey @JonathanMusso!

I apologize for the delay on this. Your Repl should work with that amount of concurrent users if you use a Deployment, which is not limited by concurrent connections.

Replit Database should also work with Deployments without any extra configuration.