Flask app not running when debug=True

It runs when debug is not written

Hi @mi8guy , welcome to the forums! Could you elaborate more on your problem?

Could you try removeing debug=True then?

Upon removing debug=True, the app runs as expected and I can see in the webview.

But, when debug=True, it gives the above output, doesn’t show anything in the webview and further it opens python interpreter I think …

You can make your life easier by just changing it to debug=False

Hi @mi8guy, welcome to the forums!
Can you provide a link to your repl?

Does opening the website in a new tab work if debug=True?

It was working upon Initial import though! I just cannot wrap my head around why it won’t work now all of a sudden.

No it doesn’t. The site keeps loading

@mi8guy what do you mean “not working”?
Do you mean it just shows a blank screen or do you mean it shows an error?

Blank screen as shown in the Image attached

@mi8guy could you give us the link to your repl so we can help you further?


Do you get any errors in the console?
If you do, can you send a screenshot of them?

@snakeyking No errors, just a warning about production and it opens python interpreter in the console

Just to note, debug isn’t supposed to be on when you’re releasing your website. It’s just a feature to find the bugs in your website, and when you’ve finished the website, you should turn it off.


Aah yes… But i am trying to work and I have to stop and run again and again so its irritating that way. But I guess it can’t be helped. Thanks for quick replies though

I’m having the same issue.
Can someone plz help?
:sob: :sob: :sob:

maybe it has something to do with Replit DB?

Try just removing debug=True from your app.run call.