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When is the community feed going to be fixed? If anyone hasn’t noticed, It’s so easy to get on trending now… Literally I have tested it out (when I made the egg repl) I can just get 2-3 of my friends to like a random repl and it goes to the top of the community…

This is really stupid because after a repl gets to the top it gets a lot of unneeded attention KEEPING it at the top of the community. For example take a look at the recently trending rock paper scissors repl. There are thousands of more repls with the exact same game. Yet this random one gets a lot of attention. Why? Well 2 random people decided to like it. Now it’s sitting at trending with 10 likes.

Also new repls have no way of getting attention. If I go to the “new” tab, my feed is filled with a bunch of either homework assignments, spam, or just low effort projects posted a couple seconds back. That’s why most people don’t even use the New tab, hence giving no chance to new Replers who have no following, and who DO make high effort projects.

How can this be fixed? Please not that I have no experience with how replit works internally, and how practical this would be, so please take this with a mountain of salt. One idea I have is where not everyone is shown the same Repls. This way new Repls can be “tested” against a small set of users. If it does well, it gets promoted to more people. If it doesn’t it doesn’t get promoted as much. And the trending feed can be the repls that do the best on average. I can see this evolving where Repls are promoted to users who are more likelier to click that specific repl, and where the time spent on a Repl is also tracked and used to recommend repls.

I’ve seen countless repls buried in the New tab that deserve the trending much more than just “Rock Paper Scissors”, or “Best Websites”. If Replit is going to bring the next 1,000,000,000 coders online, it has to get the motivation/social aspect of it right. Giving new users motivation with their first few likes, while also giving the best of the best the reward they deserve for their creations. Humans are social animals after all.

Sorry for this long rant, these are just my ideas and they may not be practical at all, I was just annoyed by the fact that low effort repls stay so long in the community. I don’t blame the creators of these repls, but the algorithm itself for letting these repls be promoted for so long, and so easily.

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Hi @CoderGautamYT thank you for joining the community.

I don’t doubt that you are frustrated by the community feed however I think you’ve posted the above message to the wrong place. The best way to send feedback to the Replit team is by clicking on Submit Feedback from the menu that appears when you click on the ? icon bottom left of any Repl.

I do like your idea of A/B testing the community trending feed so that particular Repls get promoted to some users and others to other users. I’ve definitely not heard that suggestion before.

The community page is quite new and evolving so I’m sure that the team would value your feedback.

I agree! There are so many bad repls that are staying at the “hot” page just having 9 likes. It’s so annoying for me too! As a new member that actually makes high-quality repls, i also think this is quite unfair.

Hi @QuizletAlex welcome to the community. As mentioned above you should click on Submit Feedback from the ? menu bottom left of any Repl.

One of my Repls got like 5 hearts in 30 minutes, never saw that thing on the community page.

Welcome to the community!

Doesn’t that make you go to the ask forum?

Only some options. And back in October none of them did.


Actually, it does now. Whoops, missed that update. I can start an infinite loop of directing users to the ? icon in order to bring them right back here!

I’m going to leave the topic here and link in related posts. Sorry to those I’ve mistakenly redirected.



This game was made with absolute hard work: Blood, sweat and tears…

yeah, and? it looks fine to me.

On my community there’s nothing like this. In fact, I was spammed on a blog post that wasn’t even supposed to go on trending. Thanks to those bots…

The game? Really? Or the runs? The likes?

Oof, really sorry for that.