Fix bug for python telegram (paid offer)

here is my code
add members from souce group to target group by sessions
step1 init (skip it )
step 2 get (creat the souce group json)
step 3 ,(add members by loop accounts list )
problem : when i loop the accounts too much , i got error from telegram " 2023-01-06 13:57:36.182 INFO mtprotosender - _disconnect: Disconnection from complete!"
it means that too much login in same server ip ,i wanna use proxy or other way you can offer to slove the problem.
thank you . i will pay for your help .

Hi @carterwu768210,

If this is paid work, why not make a bounty?

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i can creat a bounty if you can help now

Well I don’t think I would be able to help with this but if you create a bounty then people with more experience would be able to help you.