Firewalled replit Webview frame opens in

Problem description

Students Webview URL has changed. We use FirewallReplit in the district, and block all other replit addresses. This morning, the students are unable to see their work because the URL that the WebView uses is blocked by the district web filter.

Expected behavior

Students should be able to view the results of their code in the WebView frame.

Actual behavior

The URL that FirewalledReplit uses to display the code students have written has changed. As a result, the address is blocked, and students cannot see their output.

Steps to reproduce

You would not be able to reproduce the block, unless you were in district. You can see the URL being used by running the Repl, and opening it in a new tab.


Chrome, Safari


Windows 10, 11

Device if mobile



Free Tier

Hey @ScottWolz welcome to the forums!

Replit probably wont change the URL so you can talk to your IT department or administrator and why it should be unblocked for a school resource. I hope this helps!

Previously, firewalled replit used a separate domain for output and webviews than normal replit. This behavior should be restored so schools and people on restricted networks can access output.


Unfortunately, it is unlikely that replit will restore the separate domain for firewalled replit, as they have discontinued support for schools, so they have less reasons to change it back.