Firewalled Replit - Inviting students who already have accounts

Problem description:
When inviting students to an educational team, the generated invite link goes to a URL not a firewalledreplit URL. This causes our smoothwall to block access to the team.

Expected behavior:
I would expect the invite by username to generate a link that is Firewalled not the normal replit.

Actual behavior:
The notification bell, tells the student they have been invited to a team, but when they click the notification it takes them out of firewalled mode (which we have blocked).

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create an educational team in (firewalled replit)
  2. Invite someone using their username
  3. That user click the notification of invite (firewalled replit)
  4. It will take the user out of firewalled replit and so we block any URL’s

Windows 11

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Hey @MrCDonaldson!

Thank you for the reproduction steps; that has helped us immensely. I was able to reproduce this and have sent this to the team. I will follow up once I have an update!

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Hi @ShaneAtReplit .
This is only tangentially related to this post, but I am constantly having students unsuccessfully connect to their firewalled version of their assignments. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t. Is there still active development happening on the Firewalled version of Replit, or is this feature being phased out?