Firewalled Replit defined (and blocked) globally by google as a phishing site

Firewalled Replit defined (and blocked) globally by google as a phishing site.

Until this is resolved, no classes can access this site (on or off network).

Even putting as text into an email flags it.

Please advise on when this will be resolved as we are having students use Tynker in the meantime.


Yes - we are totally unable to run class without firewalled replit. We are having kids use the Brilliant python course as a back up activity for now. (free for education if anyone else needs a backup)

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Could this be a Geo-based thing? It’s working fine for me in Ontario, Canada. Or perhaps it fixed itself before I read this thread.


It could be, google still has it flagged as a deceptive (phishing) website in the US (we are in the Northeast)

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Thank you for that suggestion. The CS courses do use Python (although currently they are doing HTML).

Replit has been very unreliable the last few years and the teachers are asking the district for alternatives because of this.


Hello all,

Any one having any luck getting in yet? does replit staff monitor this forum?

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Yes the Replit staff monitors this forum.

I don’t think that website exists. I have no blockers on my computer. Have you tried

when the students are accessing content they are being redirected to it seems

I mis-typed it in my original post because I copied it from an email. I was using the typo because you can’t even email the correct link without gmail blocking it. is the one that is blocked for us.

Google has hard blocked this site for some reason.

We are still unable to access it, and now I believe the district is moving to Tynker. Sometimes free isn’t the best…haven’t had any response from support, and even when it is working it’s horribly slow.
We are just glad we didn’t choose one of the paid tiers for this.

That’s blocked for me too but that’s not the right link. You should be using instead.

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Where did you get that link anyway?

What address send that email?

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The schools are using the correct link to access the firewalled replit, but after they try to access content they are being directed to, which is where the block is taking place.

The students can login but the can’t do anything as a result.


That’s where they start their projects, but once they start using any resources it references I’m guessing it’s a cdn of some type. Anyhow it’s on the list of sites you are supposed to whitelist if you want to use firewalled replit (according to their support). However when google blocks it globally it doesn’t help if it’s whitelisted locally.


We are still intermittently blocked. Students can sign in to and open a project. When they run it, most graphical outputs and some text outputs result in an immediate phishing block.


The teachers reporting the issue, they provided the link that was being blocked.

But you can’t even send the link because Gmail recognizes it as a phishing site and blocks the entire email, so we were communicating with the typo so the emails wouldn’t bounce.

Sorry for the confusion on that.


My students are also being blocked when running Java Swing projects on firewalled replit. Regular Java replits work fine, it is just the graphical ones that being blocked as the graphics portion is running on that other domain.


To clarify the problem:
Repls that access the domain below, such as those that use an Output tab for graphics, are blocked in firewalled replit.
Normally, firewalled repls use the domain to provide output that isn’t text.
Similarly, non-firewalled repls use the domain (not blocked). (there is a small difference “it” at the end of “repl” in the link)

Google started blocking this domain (Sep 28, 2023).

So what’s happening? The message says that the site was reported for phishing. Probably some users were creating malicious content on replit and people on firewalled replit reported it.

Info links:
google transparency report: site status for “”
google safe browsing overview


The best (and potentially one of the only) ways we can solve this issue is if we collectively got together and started reporting these urls as safe.

EDIT: It seems as though Google has dissolved its phishing claims on repl. If this issues persists, check with your IT department to refresh its Google Safe Browsing caches or add or to a whitelist temporarily before Google gets this fixed.


The concern we have at our district is 2 fold.

  1. Why is Google getting enough reports from people about phishing attempts that it actually is blocking it. Are there actually repls on the firewalled side that have malicious code? Because that was what firewalled-replit was supposed to avoid. If it’s hosting malicious code, we can’t use it in a k-12 environment. We have a ticket open with Google asking for more information, and will post back what the response is.

  2. Does this also happen on the regular (non-firewalled) Replit? There’s tons of phishing and proxy code hosted there, why is that immune? Do people not report that domain ever, and if so why not? I’ve never seen the standard repl site get fully flagged as malicious.

And from a classroom perspective, most teachers won’t accept a crowd sourced solution to this, i.e. we can’t just tell them to wait and hope for enough people to mark it as safe, when they have students sitting in class unable to do the lesson plan.

I was really hopeful the firewalled replit would be a valid workaround for these issues, but I’m afraid after a few years of fighting to make this work in the classroom we need to throw in the towel and go to a more structured educational programming app (one that’s actually designed for the classroom).