Firewall, Captcha and Password reset Links

I teach in a secondary school and we are have not been able to use Repl much this year due to our schools move to the Firewalled version of Repl.

Our students are not able to log in, create accounts, or reset passwords.

These are the main issues-

  1. The captcha system doesn’t seem to be compatible with our Firewall. Could you give me the details of the Captcha provider so that I make sure they’re not being blocked by our filter.
  2. Students can’t reset passwords because of the captcha. If they spam-click the button they can force an email to be sent. However, the email links to a page outside of the Repl firewall site and therefore it gets blocked by our filter.

I really like the Reply service and would love our students to be able to use it too.

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Hi @mrmjackson, welcome to the forums!
Note that Firewalled Replit, along with Teams for EDU, is being removed in August this year, so bugs like these are unlikely to be fixed.

Hope this helps!


Hi, thanks for getting back to me. That’s interesting to know.

Do you know if safe-guarding is on the radar and being considered? There reason our IT team want us to use the firewalled version is because Repl programs can be made to bypass our web-filtering in the school, and we have an obligation to protect against that.

Thanks again

Hi @mrmjackson !

So I’m not a Replit Staff, like many people here, just a community memver helping out. However the Staff do actively monitor the forums.
Like I said, it is unlikely that anything will be fixed or changes made as the feature will be removed.