Finishing migration to nix.... doing it all the time

Problem description:
Its just saying it all the time. i tried to add ?skipMigration=1 to end of url but still doing it

Steps to reproduce:
fork replit

Bug appears at this link:
every repl what i try to fork

Device ubuntu 22.04:
Plan free:

Hey @finnishdev!

Does this happen if you try to create new Repls as well? If not, can you send me the links to the Repl(s) you are trying to fork?

This is happening to me too. It does not happen when I create new Repls. This is an example of one I forked

Hey @kp1ng!

Thank you for reporting and sharing the link to your Repl. I forked your Repl, got the migration popup, waited about 30 seconds or less, and then I was in the workspace and able to use the Repl.

How long did you wait once you saw the migration popup?

About 30 seconds as well. The issue is that the bootcamp program I am going through uses several Repls per lesson that need to be forked such as the one I shared, so it makes working through the lessons considerably slower than it was previously. I’ve only just begun this bootcamp, so it is going to be like this for all of the Repls I need to fork from now on?

I do have one today that is stuck on ’ We are upgrading your Repl to the latest environment.’

Thanks for the context! If the owner of the BootCamp program enters the workspace for each Repl that they want users to fork, that should migrate each of them to Nix and remove the need for forkers of the Repls to have to migrate.

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