Find if a key exists in python repl db

I want to get a value from the repl db and increment it. Problem is, there isnt a way (that i can see) to find if a key actually is in the database, so i can set it to 0 and then increment it. How would i do this?

I think this code should work, though I have not tested it. You might need to make the value a string because I don’t think numbers can go in ReplitDB.

from replit import db

value = db.get("key", 0)

dict.get() basically just returns the value of a key if it exists. If it doesn’t exist it returns the second parameter, or None if the second parameter isn’t set.

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I tried, and it worked thanks! Btw numbers can go in replit db, i didnt need to change anything


You don’t even need the 0, the python standard for explicit get is to return None if not found.

They want it to be 0…


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