Finch 2.0 Robot Java

I was given a Finch 2.0 bot that can be coded in Java, but it says on the website that it can’t be used with a browser based IDE. It seems like it might work with… I see that you can add packages but can’t figure out quite how to do it myself.

My students have chromebooks only not computers. Anyone have experience with these? Maybe it won’t work but thought this might be the best place to ask!

Hi @ahapka thanks for your question.

I had a look at their website and it appears that the browser-based IDE can be found at (I zoomed into a picture on their website to find this out). This should work fine with Chromebooks in my opinion.

I don’t think it will work with Replit as the IDE needs to connect with the device over bluetooth / wifi and Replit doesn’t offer this functionality (although it has been suggested). If you would like to add your vote to the pile please click on the “Send Feedback” option within the ? menu on the Replit site.

Thanks! Adding bluetooth to would be awesome, hoping to use these bots with my Java class but we may have to settle for python for the time being.


I have ReplIt versions working for the Finch Robots for both Java and Python. The links for the ReplIts, and GitHub, can be found at . I use them in both AP CS A with Java and AP CS Principles with Python in my classes. There are example “test” source files, as well as documentation, so my students are able to use it pretty easily, but I do give them a run-through first since it is “busy”.

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This is a clever solution @WilsonPaul thank you for sharing!