Finally, an introduction, and recap?

Hi everyone, I’m Bobby, or as some of you may know me, @bobastley!

You may be wondering why I added “and recap” to the title. Yes, surprisingly I’ve already been on Replit Ask for two months, and I’ve neglected to make an introduction until recently after seeing that so many other users were doing the same. This is really going to be more of a recap of stuff I’ve accomplished rather than an introduction to who I am, which I feel is already pretty known.

I learned about Ask after facing problems with my output window when trying to learn Tkinter, and attempted to find Talk, then realized that was discontinued in place of Ask. I would say I’m one of the few that found Ask without Replit Support, without Google, but through the small hyperlink in the bottom-left of the homepage.

I guess I just didn’t have much else to do and decided to stick around and see what the community was about. That was a great decision, and I’ve had lots of fun with the community these past months that really flew by.

Yesterday, I achieved TL3 exactly two months after I first joined Ask. I really appreciate all of the support the community has given to such a newcomer, and I’ve had absolutely no experience with forums in the past, only looking at random Stack Overflow threads hoping to fix my extremely messy Python code. I’m honestly impressed with how fast I did it, I guess the amount of time I spent here was enough to achieve TL3 and an insane 1.8k cheers in the process.

Now, to get to some stuff about me and how I discovered Replit.

My Programming History

I started with Replit around late 2020, when I and some of my friends had been learning basic Python syntax and features. Even though I have taken multiple breaks from programming in general, I’m proud to have been using Replit as my primary development platform for almost the past 3 years!

I would consider myself a novice programmer, who dabbles in a variety of languages, but really only programs in Python and HTML/CSS/JS. My first language is actually JavaScript, but I only ever learned the absolute basics in my browser DevTools before quickly moving over to HTML and basic frontend, then picked up Python about a year later.

I currently know Python, HTML/CSS, JavaScript (with a bit of ES6), and extremely basic C++ and x64 Assembly. For the past while, I’ve slowly been reviewing CSS and expanding my knowledge in basically every language I’ve learned to this day, and someday hope to become a full-stack web developer.

Stuff I Like

Python is by far my favorite and most used language. It has great community support, packages, and documentation, and it just kinda makes sense IMO. It’s a great introduction to programming concepts and computer science as a whole.

Bash/Linux is another one of those things that is so straightforward, and extremely powerful. I was a fan of DOS until I learned about Linux, I don’t think I’ve ever used cmdfor programming sense!

Stuff I Dislike

I have a strong hate for Java and its ridiculous boilerplate (sorry Java developers), forcing beginner programmers to use OOP when they probably don’t even know how to create a Hello World yet.

Other Hobbies

I’m pretty addicted to programming and Replit Ask, but I also do some other stuff in my free time.


Yes, I do gaming in my free time, I’m not completely insane. I’m a pretty heavy Roblox player, and that’s about all I do these days. I enjoy playing Roblox obbies and other indie Roblox games, and attempting to create some of my own. I’m pretty picky when it comes to gaming on a platform like Roblox though, there is a bunch of Pay 2 Win garbage I refuse to play because I heavily dislike anything like that.

Was also a pretty competent Minecraft player. Started back in 2017 and I’ve been playing up until recently, when I disagreed with the choices Mojang and Microsoft made and decided it was over for me.

All of my other hobbies I’ll list below, as my introduction has gone on far too long.

  • Track/Cross Country
  • Music (Guitar and Percussion)
  • A weird obsession of memorizing long words
  • Camping and Hiking
  • Math, Science, Physics

Well, that’s about it for me. I hope I went over everything a good introduction needs, and I’m kinda glad to finally get it over with. If you got any questions about anything I discussed, let me know and I’ll try to answer them.

Again, thanks for all of the support during the last two months, it’s been really fun hanging out on Ask and I got plans to stick around!


This is the largest and most detailed introduction I’ve seen in Ask!


Welcome… and if you have any ideas what to put in my introduction feel free to suggest them. Seriously though welcome to Ask and congratulations on TL3!


I honestly just put anything that I felt my introduction should include. I kind of decided to spice things up and try to make it original compared to others’ introductions, and it kind of worked?

(I’m honestly just surprised @QwertyQwerty88 didn’t come and immediately correct my grammar or something, which ig was a good sign :laughing:)

Oh, I forgot to mention in my introduction: I use Grammarly, so if you wondering why my posts always use the most proper English possible, I spam-click those red underlines and everything gets fixed automatically