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Final Project Instructions
The purpose of the final project is to demonstrate your understanding of the concepts and
techniques that you have learned in this course.
Your project will be graded according to these guidelines, each contributing 20% of the final
Syntax Ability to understand and follow the rules of the JavaScript programming language
and HTML page layout systems.
Logic Ability to specify conditions, control flow, and data structures that are appropriate
for the project.
Correctness Project performs according to the assignment instructions.
Completeness Project correctly responds to invalid or unexpected input.
Readability Project and code are organized clearly and logically, such that another human
looking at your project (your professor!) can understand.
Additionally, your name must be displayed in the output. It doesn't matter where or how; it just
must be visible to the user. (In other words, in an HTML element somewhere; don't hide your
name in comments.)
Submit all your source code. Write a summary explaining your project. Include screenshots of
your development environment and application output. I don't need to see everything; just two
or three pictures to show what you're seeing on your computer.
The goal of this assignment is to create a solution that interests you. Design and implement a
website and the JavaScript code to manage the data and user interaction.
• The web app should include at least 3 pages.
• Use the design principles demonstrated throughout the course. This applies to not only
the file structure of your application but also to the way you structure your code.
• Uses classes where appropriate.
• Uses collections (arrays) and session storage.
• Use at least 1 regular expression to verify data.
• Demonstrate the use of decision structures, loops, and event handlers.
• The JavaScript code should interact with the DOM Core Specification.
• You may borrow ideas and code snippets from your assignments, but overall, the
project should be your creation.
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It seems that this post is asking for answers to a school assignment. It is against the Replit Ask community standards to ask for homework assistance.


In my quiz application for the Final Project I am having trouble displaying the results including the score that the user got and the number of correct and incorrect answers and the total number of question

We can not help you with your code. We can help you with general programming concepts like if you are having trouble understanding how conditionals work but cant help you debug your own code.