Files only open with drag and drop

Problem description:
Until two days ago click on a file name would open the file in the active tab. Now i need to drag and drop, which is tedious.

Expected behavior:
Click on filename, replace active file with the clicked file

Actual behavior:
Nothing happens. Need to drag and drop the file to the pane

Steps to reproduce:
See above

Bug appears at this link:


Did you check if the issue appears when you visit other Repls?

This is the only public repl and the only one showing this behaviour,

Hmm… Does reloading fix the issue? If that doesn’t work, try forking the Repl. It’s either your computer or the machine that is running and storing your Repl that is at fault.

Refresh does not help and the behavior stays on two difference computers. (Both win11 and edge).

Then it’s probably the machine that is running your Repl that is causing the problem

Fork it and see if that fixes the issue.

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Will try and report back.

Yes forking works. Thanks.

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