File Upload Site

It is a very simple site where you can upload files.

Upload limits: 50 MB
There is no longer a whitelist, anyone can use it now.

no uploading files that would be against Replit’s ToS
no uploading the same file many times for the purpose of spamming and taking down the repl (if someone does that, I will have to re-add a whitelist :cry: and remove all user files)

Auto URL shortening at (looks like
you can upload HTML files so it acts kind of like a hosting thingy (not reliable and files have a semi-random prefix so you can’t really link files easily)
you get a direct link instead of those silly sites that don’t give you a direct link and make you pay to have a faster download speed
forkable!!! (you will have to do some configuring because I didn’t make the repl fork friendly)

How to fork:
go to index.js
change the repl link to your repl link
use this repo to create your shortening API (please don’t use mine because my silly little thing might get too many link things):

next get a free subdomain from freedns and set up a cloaked web redirect record to your API URL thing and use that as the API url or a regular domain and register it on cloudflare and get an actual custom domain with https for the worker (I am saying this because the worker domain gets long, not good for a short link)
change the API URL directly above the repl URL
then go to public/uploads/upload.html

 let resp = await'' +

to your repl URL (should like like
and then change

  duck.textContent = `Shortened Link:${idkman}`;

to whatever your API URL thing is and you should have your own upload thing! :tada:


Time to look for vulns :slight_smile:


yeah I recently watched a video about something like this, you better be careful cause I bet hackers can easily find a vulnerability and deface your website

regardless, pretty cool!


really? how? nothing runs and it’s in a folder