File upload for Replit not working after outbound data limit is reached

Problem description:
HTML files won’t work after being uploaded to HTML, CSS, and JS. The webview display will say that the Repl is not found.

Expected behavior:
Webview updates to match current index.html code.

Actual behavior:
Webview gets stuck on Repl not found. Project cannot save to cloud.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Exceed outbound data transfer limit
  • Try to upload HTML file to HTML, CSS, JS.

Bug appears at this link:
[Any repl without pro plan]

[Any device / browser]

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I think this is intended behavior.

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Can you please provide some screenshots so I can take a look?

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The replit won’t save and the webview won’t stop refreshing.

Even if outbound data limit is reached, programmers should still be able to see their html webview, right?

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Try entering kill 1 into the Shell. If that doesn’t work, try forking this repl and see if the forked version works.


None of those solutions work. I’ll just wait until tomorrow for the limit to reset.