File system is read only but also not

I’m not sure if This is related to the issue from last week or if I’m just doing something wrong. I uploaded a file into one of my Repl’s, and now need to move it to the folder that the script expects to find it in.
But when I try to do that in the shell, I get an error that the file system is read only. Except I just uploaded a file and then renamed it. And I can still rename the file

mv blue_dragoneer1.txt /users

mv: inter-device move failed: ‘blue_dragoneer1.txt’ to ‘/users’; unable to remove target: Read-only file system

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You’re attempting to move a file to a directory users that is in root, because paths starting with / are absolute paths. A lot of the stuff in or near root is read only.
Make sure you are using the correct path.

mv dragoneer1.txt users


mv dragoneer1.txt ./users

That worked. Thank you. That explains why it was saying that the subfolder I was actually trying to get to didn’t exist. I figured I was doing something wrong, but if it coincidentally had a similar sounding name as last week’s issue


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