File not updating

So I have this discord bot that I run through replit and there are a couple commands out of them all that simply will not update on the bots end when I update it through replit. I don’t know if this is my code, or replit, and I can change categories based off that. I thought it was my command handler but after 3 days of troubleshooting and consulting a coding friend about it, it doesn’t seem like it. The final nail in the coffin for me to give up and ask here was that I could delete the entire file, EVERY FILE by that name or that even mentions it and it could still run and use the outdated code. It also works if it’s name isn’t the current one or any of the aliases, but those 2 combined make picking a new name pretty hard. Does anybody know why a random file out of around 30 decides to not work the way all of the others do? It’s as if there is phantom code or something…

Hey @rairbnyx! Can you send the link to your Repl?

is it okay to link it in this post or should i pm you

Yeah, just don’t send an invite link.

*it might be a mess me and a friend code it and this is one of my earliest coding projects :slight_smile:

@QwertyQwerty88 did you ever figure out whats happening?

Sorry, I’m not sure. I’m not good with Discord bots, let alone ones written in Node.js

Do you know anyone who would be that i can ping

Alright so I see people started experiencing this as well after a bit and that it was fixed but seemingly it still misbehaves in the way of not reflecting changes made by me in my bot for me, is there some weird thing I’m missing?

I don’t know, but I’ve just let a staff member know about this so hopefully he can help you.


do you know when that staff member would be here i feel like my bot is dying because i cant update it :frowning:

Sorry no. I’ve done all I really can notifying the staff member about this.


Hey @rairbnyx!

So I can get a better idea of the issue, would you mind sending me a screen recording (I recommend using

I cannot at the moment and recreating is hard however it is very similar to what another user said where every now and then the replit simply gives up on reflecting the changed data in other places so for example I was working on my bot and whenever I changed code in replit it wouldn’t change on my bot and ir’s been stuck on an error for a couple days that I fixed

@ShaneAtReplit heres that video (if you need more than this lmk) :slight_smile:

If you run cat <filename> in the shell does that show the outdated contents of the file or the same that you see in the editor? Also, if you print out the string that the JavaScript is receiving, are there any oddities in it that might point to a different issue (a bug in your code)?

@ rairbnyx Unfortunately, I don’t quite understand your problem, so may I ask: Is your problem that when you modify a file in the editor the modification has no effect at all, as if the file is unchanged? If so, then I’ve run into a similar problem a couple of weeks ago. When I changed a file the changes took sometimes a long time to stick. Looking at cat <filename> in the shell showed the old file or only a partially updated file - even when reopening the file in the editor produced the updated version. The problem is gone at the moment, but it was pretty annoying.