Fewer options on sign-up?

Question: Has Replit suddenly changed how new accounts are made?

Hi! I’m a teacher who’s in the process of rolling out replit to my students as we start programming. However, I’ve run into some weird issues and I’m wondering what’s causing them.

Earlier this week, I was able to send out invitation links to students to join my Education team. The accounts were made without emails attached, as the students are just under the age of 13. However, today, when I try to do the same thing, that option has disappeared; the students can only sign up with Google or Github, which won’t work for my current situation. This issue persists on teams created before today as well as on a freshly created team. It’s a problematic enough issue where I’m considering switching away from Replit, which I would rather not have to do.

Was there an update yesterday that I wasn’t aware of, or did I accidentally flip a switch somewhere?


Repl link/Link to where the bug appears: Sign Up - Replit

Screenshots, links, or other helpful context:


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It was probably an update, you can’t really change that.

wait, maybe you could have, are you sure that the setting for the age of the students is set to >13

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The same link, unchanged, has now produced a different result through no interference of mine. It used to be that the students would get to a signup page where they could make a username and a password with no need to input an email.

If Replit is going to entirely butcher their education plan for kids under 13, I would at least appreciate if it was documented somewhere. Right now it’s basically unusable.