Feedback on new Replit UI

Please vote on the feature request now as now we have to undo this.

This is not a feature addition request but rather a request that a beta feature not get used. I don’t really know what category to put this in. If you turn on explorer mode on your Replit account you can see a new UI. This UI makes reading the comments next to impossible and I hate it very much. It ruins all usage of PikaBot2005 and other bots by making comments nearly impossible to view. Please Replit don’t ever use this new UI.


Personally, I think that it’s fine and we just need to get used to it. Most Repls aren’t bots that need a huge comment section.

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Comments are already a pain because of the way Replit is set up and this will make them virtually worthless.

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Unless PikachuB2005 succeeds in making public his wonderful Gmail approach to Replit comments. Then I might be able to live with this.


I- What? Virtually worthless? They were never worth anything in the first place…?

I don’t think it changed the in-repl chat.

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Comments provide feedback on a Repl, including feature requests, bugs, and compliments. They also help users to get to know one another and make bots like Gdaybot, ReplitHyperBot, and PikaBot2005 fun. They are a pain because so few load and once they’re buried it’s so hard to find them and if this change is incorporated they will be nigh impossible to use and PikaBot2005 will be doomed. PikaBot2005 will be just one of many casualties.

That’s the only thing and I enjoy seeing what others do with it so that’s not very comforting.

Okay but this UI doesn’t delete comments entirely or anything-

No, it just makes reading them hard to do. Really if Replit was set up more like Ask (Discourse) comments would be much better.

Personally I think they work fine:

Plus Replit isn’t a social media made for just comments or anything, it’s just an IDE.

Anyway if you hate it so much just turn off explorer lol

I only turned on Explorer to see if that’s what caused the “problem” in the post asking about it. I turned it back off but now I fear what may happen in the future. Explorer has scared me. Also that is not what my mom looks like.

Well at least you don’t get in trouble for using it as such. You can’t use Ask like that. EarthRulerr’s “Thanks to my 100 followers” post got unlisted.

Oh it’s even worse if you leave the sidebar out (which I prefer to do). There’s a fullscreen console button for a reason. So that this doesn’t need to happen.

There’s still hope that this beta feature is never used.

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you can use the pika’s bot in a private repl.

I don’t want it to be private.

I like seeing the creative ways that others use the bots and showing others what I’ve done with them. And that’s not the only problem I have with this.


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@Sky read my mind.

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I dont like it either

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When I saw this, I literally had to make sure I was on the right website.

Could you check your dms please?