Featured requests

how many votes do you need for a feature request in order for it to come into effect

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The vote count does not matter. Feature requests with 0, 1 or 2 have been added and others with 85+ don’t get added.


So you’re saying Replit adds what they want to and do not care to what degree the community supports the decision? I always thought that in theory more votes would make a topic more important to Replit because it’s something the community really cares about.


and this is why people are leaving Replit it’s basically like they don’t care what the people who use it think they are going to do what they like to do this is not what Replit should be like it should all be based on the people who use it there ideas not what the workers who run replit think would be good they keep running Replit like this and Replit will start to become less popular and less people will want to be on here and they will run out of business


if they want to do that i can do it the hard way to

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