Feature request: Archiving course ("team") content

This is my first semester using Teams, and I am becoming interested in preserving my student’s work by way of archiving. Also, I am becoming interested in preserving all that hard work I did in setting up my lessons and assignments in the modules, and I am wondering how to duplicate the course content for next school year while archiving student work.

I see that I can archive a whole course (or “team”), but it would appear that both course content and student work are archived (is that right?). It would be even niftier if the existing “archive” feature archived just the student work, and either preserved or allowed duplication of the course content (lessons, assignments, modules) for my new course in the coming year.

There has also never been an obvious way (at least to me) to manage student marks. It would appear to me that Teams for Education has left out any semblance of a grading system that could be visible to students for example so they can monitor their progress in the course. Of course I would like the same for me in monitoring my student’s academic progress.

I think with these features, you might really have something more than a free service. It’s kind of OK as it is, but as we come to year-end, I can see some practical problems that have come up.


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I archive my old teams each year, you can duplicate all of your projects by using the bulk duplication feature explained in the docs but what I normally do is have one master team that only teachers are in to tweak the curriculum content for any one class.

Student marks are available in the ‘projects overview’ link, again I normally export the csv to bring into my school’s LMS. But there’s not a programmatic way of that happening currently.

Hope that helps!

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