FB Authentication Failed / Cannot Access Account

Problem description:
Facebook authentication failed – I cannot log into my account via FB login.

When I try to create new account using the same email address, I get a brand new account rather than my existing account (no code or progress saved, no repls, etc.).

Expected behavior:
To access my existing account via FB login.

Actual behavior:
Error message: “Authentication failed, please try again”

Steps to reproduce:
I cleared my cache and all login information and attempted several times across different devices. Same message.

Bug appears at this link:

Chrome / Windows 10 / Desktop. Same issue with iOS 16 on iPhone.

Hello. I’m sorry, but I think Bug-Reports is only for Replit Bug-Reports.

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This is Replit ask forum not FB ask forum

Thank you, I have moved the topic to Replit help

The issue is with Replit login via FB auth :slight_smile:

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Did you check that you signed in the correct Facebook account? Try checking spam in your inbox and were you signed into the correct email?

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Thanks for your response! Yes it is the correct FB account and correct login-- it logs me into the FB account but somehow the redirect on Replit leads to the error message-- perhaps there is an error in the redirect?

I went into FB third party app authorizations and Replit is listed as “active”. However, I never shared my email address so that’s probably why the reset PW didn’t work. (I also checked spam).

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Check your internet connection and firewall. Sometimes it just glitches out because of some security issue.

Just reset your wifi or computer. That should probably fix the issue.

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Thanks-- I have already tried on 2 laptops, 2 separate wifi connections, and a cell phone using cellular data. I cleared the cache and login information and tried again – still same issue regardless of connection. I previously had no issue on the primary device I was logged into.

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Hmm… try contacting Replit or Facebook support to see what they can do on their end, since you can’t do anything on your end.

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