Failure with deployment

The repl I have is not promoting when I try to deploy it.

Here is a screenshot:

Could a staff member kindly explain how I can fix this?

Hello there. Do you have a discord bot or other bot? Then you’ll want to deploy with Reserved VM via Background Worker instead of Autoscale.


I do have a discord bot, and I did try to do it how you said, but it still fails to promote. Could you check it out?

@Thinkright20man Sure, can you invite me to your Repl? Username:

Ok, I just sent the invites to the 2 repls having difficulty

@Thinkright20man Thanks for inviting me. The deployment logs gave an error that you are using the “/run” as the run command which it tries to read as a system directory. The run command should typically be a shell command that starts your application.

Try setting the run command to something like this instead (still deploying with Reserved VM via Background Worker):

node index.js

Hey Suzy, thanks for the help. It works now. But one last issue I encountered, I had a custom domain setup on the website, (, and it’s showing me this:

How can this be resolved? I thought it was already linked.

@Thinkright20man You’re very welcome. For the custom domain, if you already had it setup, then hopefully you can just go to the Deployments tab and go to Settings. There should be an option to transfer it to your deployment.