Failing in installing torch-cluster package

Hi everybody,

I am new in replit. I am trying to install torch-cluster package through the Package Manager but it fails to give that error:

Failed to add packages, reverting
 the pyproject.toml file to its original content.
exit status 1
Replit: Package operation failed.

Does someone have an idea? I also tried through $ pip install torch-cluster directly from the shell, but again an Error is risen.
I also have to install torch-geometric, torch-sparse, and torch-scatter too.

Hey @RiccardoBeccari welcome to the forum.

Can you please share a link to the repl?

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Thanks Ethan, yes sure. Here is the link:

fork this, or run in shell:

poetry add

The problem was likely that it the compiler process was killed by the out-of-memory killer. This installs precompiled wheels.