Failed to promote - Failed to get process parent

forwarding local port 3000 to external port 1104
failed to get process parent port=1104 pid=1 address=:: fd=16 error=ppid not found tid=14

Hi @AlexCris1 !
Is it possible that it doesn’t work as your repl seems to be some sort of a proxy?
Proxies are not allowed on Replit, if they are used to bypass school restrictions.

Hi @NateDhaliwal
Perhaps proxy is the wrong word. This is a simple API/backend for making OpenAI calls from my frontend. Not bypassing any restrictions, just need to keep my OpenAI key out of the frontend code.

I have deployed this before, on Replit, multiple times. It’s just that recently I did a large refactor and now it’s failing to promote. The refactor involved converting all JS to TS and changing up the npm scripts, among other things.

What method of Deploying are you using? You should be using Autoscale.