Failed to deploy - infinit loop detected - but it runs just fine

failing to deploy
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10/25/23 05:41:21 PM

exec [sh -c runtest] error=exit status 127

10/25/23 05:41:21 PM

hostingpid1: crash loop detected

Looks like whatever “runtest” is isn’t recognized by the deployment.

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@Firepup650 is correct, you need to set the run command of your deployment to something that runs your bot. For example, it might be something like “python3”. You can test out those commands in the Shell pane to make sure they work first before deploying.

thank you - total newb mistake.


so what is wrong with this? main file is called so…?

tried python3 as well same response

How you configure it wasn’t really explained to you. Here’s the docs (slightly outdated).

To configure the deployment run command, do this:
Click the three dots near your files and then click “Show hidden files”.
Then, open the .replit file. Here, you’ll see some variables such as entrypoint and modules, and some “sections” such as [nix] and [deployments].
Under the [deployments] section (if there isn’t one, just add one to the end of the file), there is a run variable that you can set to a string value, e.g. "python".
This value (without the quotes) is what is entered into the shell when deploying, the shell command (that you can test).

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