Failed to deploy - builder timeout

Unfortunately when I click on logs, it says none are avalible.

Replit AI says to reach out as it maybe a bug.

Hi there @Kancel-Kultcha. I tried to fork your Repl and run it, but it wouldn’t even run locally for me. Does it work fine locally?

Also, I am not as familiar with n8n but does n8n start cause it to start locally? You won’t be able to deploy local applications, but you could do something over a server if you have reasons to deploy it.

I’ll also a link a n8n template I saw if it’s helpful:

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By locally, you mean in replit before deploying? In which case, yes - kind of - depends on the mood of Replit - i’d say about 45% of the time running it will work.

That N8N template you mention is a super out-of-date version and it doesn’t allow you to update it, setup up a database, nor install all packages.

Thingsis, I’ve bought N8N core for the year and given that the current state of the platform , all I want to do is get N8N running so at least I can get something for my money.

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@Kancel-Kultcha Is the error with Autoscale? Have you tried deploying as Reserved VM via Background Worker?

If that doesn’t work, would you mind inviting me directly to your Repl? I will try to fork it and do some testing, if that’s okay. I won’t make any changes to your original Repl.

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Thanks @SuzyAtReplit - have tested ReservedVM and it too failed. Have added you.

@Kancel-Kultcha I forked and made some edits. It actually wouldn’t run for me at all. We think the issue is that this is a Repl with Node 20.x, and one of the dependencies of n8n requires no higher than 18.x. So we went ahead and fixed that, and also updated some of the configuration.

It should run and deploy as Autoscale now. I invited you to the v2 of the Repl.

There’s another Nix/package bug here which will be addressed in a future release, but to workaround it, if you need to install anything else — npm install might work best as opposed to other methods.


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