Failed deployment (Nix error)


I keep getting this error when i try to deploy a telegram bot using reserved VM. The code is working flawlessly and used to work perfectly with the always on feature, now it’s failing every time to deploy. It stops at the bundle stage.

2024-01-05T13:18:23Z info: Connecting to builder
2024-01-05T13:18:25Z info: Builder connected
2024-01-05T13:18:25Z info: Installing packages
2024-01-05T13:18:25Z info: Skipping Build as no Build command set
2024-01-05T13:18:26Z info: Pushing pid1 binary layer...
{"error":"getting nix package sizes: error: exit status 1 paths:


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I also have this problem

Hey @yannlevy85, sadly I think this is an bug with the NIX package manager

same problem here. i don’t what cause problem :woozy_face: